Welcome Markeloff

As the title suggests, in this post we would like to say a warm welcome to Yegor „Markeloff“ Markelov.


We had to wait a long time until everything was largely settled and even now not everything is settled due to the war situation in Ukraine. Legends belong to legends, that was our credo when rebuilding ESC Gaming in Counter Strike.

With Yegor’s commitment, we were able to send a clear signal, especially in terms of external representation and with the important step towards Counter Strike 2. For the time being, Yegor will serve as a content creator and brand ambassador for the Counter Strike section.

Many followers and admirers of his art over the years would of course have been happy if Markeloff would swing the AWP again in Counter Strike and especially for ESC Gaming. Let me tell you, it’s not all over yet.

In the next few days we will let you know on our social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) when and what content you can expect and, above all, what we will be planning together in the future.

With this post we would like to give Ygor a warm welcome and toast to an exciting future together and a successful and glorious time.

For all those who want to see an outstanding announcement video, here is the link to our social media platforms.

ESC GAMING Twitter Video


Yegors social media platforms will be aktiv in a few days! The first streams will be announced in our socials aswell. JOIN US!




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