The new way in Counter Strike

Today we would like to introduce you to something very special.

An important and additional member for the success of ESC Gaming. Welcome Arti!


Arti will join us immediately as Head of Counter Strike at ESC Gaming and will work with the entire management to plan and align Counter Strike at ESC Gaming.

With Markus, we were able to gain the greatest possible experience from the German sector to the Rottal eSport Group some time ago. So we can now ring in the future for ESC Gaming as a double team. Whether it will be an international Counter Strike team or whether we will be fully committed to a specific country, the next few weeks will show. This much is certain, we are working diligently on the new structure.

Long story short… with Arthur, we’re ushering in the new era of ESC Gaming Counter Strike. Here are a few important words from Arthur himself.

I’m hugely excited to be a part of this organization. I’m determined to work hard and help ESC Gaming reach new heights of success. Let’s make it happen together! (c) Arthur Holovko „Arti“

Together for an even more successful time in eSports. Closeness and humanity, that’s eSports and that’s what we stand for.


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