What more can we say than the LEGENDS are back in CS!


After some time that has passed so far and a few announcements that you could see, we would like to present our new Counter Strike roster here on the homepage today. A roster that couldn’t be more different and yet unites one important good and that is the love for Counter Strike eSports.

We want to plan for the future with our full Ukrainian roster! Develop stability and determination and be able to create a next and new major team for Counter Strike.

Today we present you future ESC Gaming.


  • „BONDIK“ Vladyslav Nechyporchuk
  • „EDWARD“ Ioann Sucharjew
  • „SMASH“ Oleksandr Turchyn
  • „MUV“ Maxim Ulyanchenko
  • „T3NS1ON“ Danylo Kashura

Coach: „SHARA“ Oleksandr Hordieyev Manager: „ARTI“ Arthur Holovko

Many people ask why we are now allowed to call these former legends part of our rosters and we can tell you that we are proud to be able to do this and thus present you with this combination of pure experience and the highest level of professionalism, as well as young dynamics in our team can.

It’s not just players like Edward who can look back on a brilliant career, moments from our team captain Bondik and many outstanding, sophisticated chess moves from Shara, our coach, shouldn’t be forgotten either. Together we accept the project and help Ukrainian eSport to find new talents and ESC Gaming to shine again!

We would then like to thank our sponsors, who made this possible in the first place and of course call for patience, because ESC Gaming is still a long way from where Rottal eSport GmbH ESC Gaming would like to see it. Take your time and enjoy how suggestive we become successful again in Counter Strike.


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