Long-term contract with Hitch Valorant!

We are very happy about the last few weeks!

One of the most important sections for us is the conclusion of the contract with Martin “Hitch” Srp, who will join the Challenger East as our captain for Valorant.

The philosophy of embarking on a long-term project together with an organization, how we can work best and what avenues we will generally take, was a perfect fit from the start. After we accommodated Martin in our partner hotel Maximilian Bad Griesbach (where we will reveal other outstanding news shortly), every conversation on site was on the home stretch. We are very happy to have such an experienced player but also such an outstanding person in our project. Closeness and humanity is eSports, this is what we demand and promote.

We would like to thank everyone involved and toast together to a glorious time in the new spheres of Valorant Challenger East.


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