ESC Gaming leaves Ukrainian CS!

After more than a year together with many talents and legionnaires from the Ukrainian CS scene, we are releasing the team!


First of all, we would like to give you a little input about the work and the people who are closer to the project!

The team was created from an idea by Ioann Sukhariev „Edward“ and Vladyslav Nеchуроrchuk „Bondik“ to combine young talents with the experience of our legionnaires. The project was complete and given the situation in Ukraine, it was particularly important to us to support this team. After a while we were already able to see excellent results, which also made us constantly work on small details. With increasing performance, the greed to show this also grew and the urge to constantly improve, which is why player changes were made at certain points. There were some successes and we were able to move into an important position for us. In Ukraine we were also able to be promoted as the second best lineup in Ukraine. We were able to invest a lot in the boys, their careers and, above all, their lives! We are proud of that too!

After more than a year, our paths are parting and ESC Gaming is planning a new international direction in Counter Strike!

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Especially and through our gaming facility with our partner Hotel Maximlian, we are in a position to provide a team with important support in the progress phase for a long time.

Unfortunately we couldn’t do this with our Ukrainian lineup due to the war.

As a side effect, we continue to work with our brand ambassadors Yegor Markeloff and Ioan Sukhariev!

There will never be ESC gaming without Counter Strike, which is why we have been working on new possibilities since the Ukrainian team was disbanded!


Greetings, ESC Gaming



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